With the collective experience of a nationwide community of local licensed engineers, Licensed Structural Engineers, Inc. has established Florida Licensed Engineers (FLE) to set the standard for high-quality structural engineering services.

From residential and commercial to industrial projects, FLE brings together a coalition of local engineers with broad expertise. In addition to affordability, we prioritize efficiency and quick delivery. Ask us about expedited deliverables when you reach out! We understand that life is busy, and our clients value timely engineering services. With our collective knowledge, Florida Licensed Engineers is committed to providing you with reliable, affordable, and prompt solutions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Florida Licensed Engineers (FLE) is a licensed structural engineering firm which works under the main company of Licensed Structural Engineers, Inc. founded by CEO Dr. Mir Emad Mousavi, P.E. Our team of experienced structural engineers specializes in engineering, analyzing, and inspecting a wide range of commercial and residential projects. As a trusted provider of structural engineering services, we proudly serve clients in Florida.

Our comprehensive services include:

– Forensic Structural Engineering and Inspections
– Foundation Inspections, including for Manufactured Homes
– Structural Inspection for TDI and general structural inspections
– Structural Engineering and Drawings for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Projects
– Drone Inspection Services
– Repair and Rehabilitation Engineering for Old Steel and Concrete Structures
– Finite Element Analysis
– Concrete corrosion assessments
– Retainer wall assessments
– Crane systems, steel trusses, and pipe racks

At Florida Licensed Engineers, Inc., we are committed to delivering exceptional structural engineering solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience reliable, professional, and efficient services.